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Water quality data repository This is not a monitoring program but a database of data from monitoring programs. EPA's repository of the water quality monitoring data collected by water resource management groups across the country. Includes water quality, chemical parameter measurements made in the field or lab, physical parameter measurements such as water temperature or pH, biological sampling results, and habitat assessments or observations.
Parameters vary depending on the program, but can include: Alkalinity (mg/L, ueq/L), aluminum (mg/L), ammonia-nitrogen as N (mg/L, ueq/L), ammonium (mg/L, ueq/L), anion deficit (ueq/L), apparent color (pt), arsenic (mg/L, ug/L), barium (mg/L), beryllium (mg/L), bicarbonate (ueq/L), bromacil (ug/L), calcium (mg/L, ug/L, ueq/L), carbon (mg/L), carbonate (ueq/L), chloride (mg/L, ueq/L), chlorophyll a (mg/L, ug/L), conductivity (mS/cm, umho/cm, uS/cm), copper (mg/L, ug/L), depth (m), secchi depth (m), dissolved oxygen (mg/L, ppm), diuron (ug/L), enterococcus (cfu/100mL), fecal coliform (cfu/100mL), fluoride (mg/L), gran acid neutralizing capacity (ueq/L), hardness (Ca, Mg, carbonate; mg/L), hydrogen (ueq/L), hydroxide (ueq/L), inorganic carbon (mg/L), inorganic nitrogen (NO2 + NO3 and NH4; mg/L), ionic strength (m), iron (mg/L, ug/L), kjeldahl nitrogen (mg/L), lead (mg/L, ug/L), PAR (uE/m2/sec), light transmissivity (%), magnesium (mg/L, ueq/L), manganese (mg/L), mercury (mg/L, ug/L), nickel (mg/L), nitrate (mg/L, ueq/L), nitrite (mg/L), nitrogen (mg/L, ug/L), nutrient-nitrogen (mg/L), organic anions (ueq/L), organic carbon (mg/L), organic nitrogen (mg/L), organic phosphorus (mg/L), orthophosphate (mg/L, ug/L), pH, pheophytin a (mg/L, ug/L), phosphate (mg/L, ug/L), phosphorus (mg/L, ug/L), particulate organic phosphorus (mg/L), potassium (mg/L, ueq/L), salinity (ppt), selenium (ug/L), silica (mg/L, ug/L), silicate (mg/L), sodium (mg/L, ueq/L), specific conductance (umho/cm), sulfate (ueq/L), sum of anions (ueq/L), sum of cations (ueq/L), tannin and lignin (mg/L), temperature (deg. C, deg. F), total coliform (cfu/100mL), total hardness (mg/L), total particulate nitrogen (mg/L), total solids (mg/L), total suspended solids (mg/L), transparency (m), true color (PCU), turbidity (NTU), zinc (mg/L, ug/L)
early 1960's
various sampling and analytical methods
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (2023). EPA STOrage and RETrieval Data Warehouse (STORET). Updated 05/01/2024. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection Managed Areas

Alligator Harbor, Apalachicola Bay, Apalachicola NERR, Banana River, Big Bend Seagrasses, Biscayne Bay, Biscayne Bay-Cape Florida to Monroe County Line, Boca Ciega Bay, Cape Haze, Cape Romano-Ten Thousand Islands, Cockroach Bay, Coral ECA, Coupon Bight, Estero Bay, Florida Keys NMS, Fort Clinch, Fort Pickens, Gasparilla Sound-Charlotte Harbor, Guana River Marsh, Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR, Indian River-Malabar to Vero Beach, Indian River-Vero Beach to Ft. Pierce, Jensen Beach to Jupiter Inlet, Lemon Bay, Lignumvitae Key, Loxahatchee River-Lake Worth Creek, Matlacha Pass, Mosquito Lagoon, Nassau River-St. Johns River Marshes, North Fork St. Lucie, Pellicer Creek, Pine Island Sound, Pinellas County, Rocky Bayou, Rookery Bay, Rookery Bay NERR, St. Andrews, St. Joseph Bay, St. Joseph Buffer, St. Martins Marsh, Terra Ceia, Tomoka Marsh, Yellow River Marsh, Nature Coast


Water Column - Nutrients
Water Column - Water Quality
Water Column - Water Clarity
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