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The function of the SERC Water Quality Monitoring Network is to address regional water quality concerns that exist outside the boundaries of individual political entities. Funding for the Network has come from many different sources with individual programs being added as funding became available. Field sampling occurs over different time periods due to the nature of the funding. This Water Quality Monitoring Project is a component of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Water Quality Protection Program established by EPA in 1995 to characterize status and trends in water quality of the Florida Keys.
Surface and bottom dissolved oxygen (%, mg/L), temperature (deg. C), salinity (psu), relative fluorescence, light attenuation, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, soluble reactive phosphorus, total nitrogen, total organic carbon, total phosphorous, turbidity (NTU), chlorophyll a (ug/L), pH
Data from the SERC-FIU WQMN are freely available for academic, research, or professional purposes subject to the following user terms: 1. User shall notify designated SERC-FIU WQMN researchers when any future work based on or derived from this data is published. 2. User agrees not to redistribute original SERC-FIU WQMN data. 3. User will acknowledge the support of the SERC-FIU WQMN Program and Appropriate grant/contract numbers in any publications using these data with the following citation: ‘Data were provided by the SERC-FIU Water Quality Monitoring Network which is supported by EPA Agreement #X7 00D02412-1 and NOAA Agreement #NA09NOS4260253.’ 4. User agrees to send 2 reprints of any publications resulting The use of the data and documentation to the following address:
field measurements, grab samples, CTD casts (n=150 site)
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Florida International University (FIU). (2022). Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality Monitoring Project. Updated 04/03/2024. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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