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Water quality monitoring programs of SWFWMD. Several different SWFWMD coastal monitoring projects are included for SEACAR. As of January 2021, the current list of SWFWMD WQ Stations within RCP Managed Areas include the following projects: P108: Data -Stream WQ Monitoring includ. Macroinvertebrate Surveys (n=2); P529: Data - Project COAST Water Quality Monitoring (Pasco Co) (n=19); P529: Data - Project COAST-North WQ Mon (Hernando, Citrus, & Levy) (n=22); P529: Project COAST - Springs Coast Offshore WQ Monitoring (n=3); W526: Ed- CHEC-WQ Data Peace, Myakka, Charlotte Harbor & Lemon Bay (n=91); W526: Planning - Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program CMP (n=6).
Alkalinity (bicarbonate as CaCO3, mg/L), alkalinity (carbonate as CaCO3, mg/L), total alkalinity (total hydroxide + carbonate + bicarbonate, mg/L), aluminum (ug/L, ppb, mg/L), ammonia (N, mg/L), arsenic (ug/L), bicarbonate (CaCO3, mg/L), boron (ug/L), calcium (mg/L), organic carbon (mg/L), total organic carbon (mg/L), chloride (mg/L), chlorophyll a (corrected and uncorrected, ug/L), chlorophyll-b (mg/m^3, ug/L), chlorophyll-c (mg/m3, ug/L), cobalt (ug/L), fecal coliform (CFU/100 mL), total coliform (CFU/100 mL), apparent color (PCU), true color (PCU), copper (ug/L), depth (m), depth to water (from measuring point, ft), secchi depth (m), dissolved oxygen (mg/L, %), fluoride (mg/L), gage height (ft), hardness (CaCO3, mg/L), hardness (Ca + Mg, mg/L), iron (ug/L, mg/L), magnesium (mg/L), manganese (mg/L, ug/L), molybdenum (ug/L), nitrate (mg/L), nitrate-nitrite (mg/L), nitrite (mg/L), total nitrogen (mg/L), total kjeldahl nitrogen (mg/L), nitrogen (ammonia as N, mg/L), inorganic nitrogen (mg/L), nitrogen (kjeldahl, mg/L), nitrogen (mixed forms NH3 + NH4 + organic + NO2 + NO3, mg/L), orthophosphate (mg/L), pH, pheophytin a (ug/L), phosphorus as P (mg/L), total phosphorus (mg/L), orthophosphate as P (mg/L), potassium (mg/L), purge volume (gal), residues- filterable (TDS, mg/L), residues- nonfilterable (TSS, mg/L), salinity (ppt, PSU), silica (mg/L), sodium (mg/L), dissolved solids (mg/L), totals suspended solids (mg/L), volatile solids (mg/L), specific conductance (uS/cm, umho/cm), stream stage height (ft, m), strontium (mg/L, ug/L), sulfate (mg/L), sulfide (mg/L), sulfur (sulfate as SO4, mg/L), water temperature (deg. C), transparency (m), turbidity (NTU), total volatile residues (mg/L), water level elevation (relative to NGVD29, ft), zinc (ug/L)
Previous data collection efforts may have been sampled by other agencies (such as FDEP) under standalone projects: Coastal Rivers (P108; formally a standalone project #B121); and Kings Bay (P108; formally a standalone project #W454). Recent data are in FDEP WIN under OrgID 21FLSWFD, loaded with Program 5002. Data for all stations listed in the file SWFWMD_Stations_SEACAR_Jan2021.xlsx can also be downloaded from the SWFWMD EDP System. Unless indicated otherwise, it can be assumed that the sample depth for older data is 0.5 meters of surface water bodies.
grab samples, secchi disk, YSI field meters
Some stations within Managed Areas are no longer active: P108 (1 active; 1 inactive); P529 (44 active); W526 (8 active; 89 inactive)
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FL STORET (code: unknown) and SFWMD's Water Management Information System (WMIS)
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Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). (2022). Southwest Florida Water Management District - Water Quality Monitoring. Updated 04/03/2024. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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Catherine Wolden

Water Quality Monitoring Program Manager

813-985-7481 x2117

Trevor Fagan

Environmental Data Project Manager, Water Quality Monitoring Program, Data Collection Bureau


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Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection Managed Areas

Cape Haze, Gasparilla Sound-Charlotte Harbor, Lemon Bay, Pinellas County, St. Martins Marsh, Nature Coast


Water Column - Nutrients
Water Column - Water Quality
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