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This project works to better understand the drivers of a seagrass loss event initiating in the Julia Tuttle basin of Biscayne Bay. Water quality sampling sites across the Tuttle, JFK, and Venetian basins and up the Little River consist of 17 sites of monthly water bottle grabs since February of 2019. Samples are also included from atypical sampling during a fish kill event in August 2020. Three datasondes are deployed across the basin and up the Little River since January 2019. This program is paired with the North Biscayne Bay Seagrass Loss Monitoring Program (5027) and quarterly visits to 21 benthic monitoring sites have corresponding water quality taken via datasonde & secchi deployed off the boat.
Water quality datasonde: secchi depth (cm), Chlorophyll (ug/l), Conductivity (µS/cm), Depth (m), nLF Conductivity (µS/cm), ODO (% saturation & % local & mg/L), Pressure (psi a), Salinity (psu), Special Conductivity (µS/cm), TDS (mg/L) Turbidity (FNU), Total Suspended Solids (mg/L), pH (# & mV), Temperature (°C), Vertical Position (m). Water quality bottle grabs: Chlorophyll a (ug/L), Organic Carbon (mg C/L), Ammonia-N (mg N/L), NO2NO3-N (mg N/L), Kjeldahl Nitrogen (mg N/L), Total-P (mg P/L), TSS (ug/L), Sucralose (ug/L), AMPA (ug/L), Acesulfame K (ug/L), Endothall (ug/L), Glufosinate (ug/L), Glyphosate (ug/L), 2 4-D (ug/L), Acetaminophen (ug/L), Bentazon (ug/L), Carbamazepine (ug/L), Diuron (ug/L), Fenuron (ug/L), Fluridone (ug/L), Hydrocodone (ug/L), Ibuprofen (ug/L), Imazapyr (ug/L), Imidacloprid (ug/L), Linuron (ug/L), MCPP (ug/L), Naproxen (ug/L), Primidone (ug/L), Pyraclostrobin (ug/L), Triclopyr (ug/L). In addition as of August 2019, Acetamiprid (ug/L), Afidopyropen (ug/L), Benzovindiflupyr (ug/L), Clothianidin (ug/L), Dinotefuran (ug/L), Mandestrobin (ug/L), Thiamethoxam (ug/L), and Tolfenpyrad (ug/L). During August 2020 fish kill event additionally BOD (mg/L), Sulfate (mg SO4/L), and Sulfide (mg/L).
The potential for a broader spatial array of site locations and increase in site locations for adjacent canals and rivers to increase temporal data. Sites are primarily within the Julia Tuttle basin, but also including the JFK and Venetian basins and associated water input sites from canals, Little River, Indian Creek, and it's connecting waterways. [WIN Org ID: 21FLBBAP]
Data are used to implement management decisions and work with partners to decrease input of nutrient sources with future restoration implications.
Data are yet to be disseminated, but future plans include presentations and a report.
bottle/pole grabs (surface and at depth), quarterly datasonde (surface and at depth)
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Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP); Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection (RCP); Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves. (2024). North Biscayne Bay Seagrass Loss Water Quality Program . Updated 04/03/2024. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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Griffin N Alexander

BBAP Manager

Leah Leyland

Water Quality Technician

Veronica Lopez

Spatial Ecology Coordinator

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