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This project works to better understand the drivers of a seagrass loss event initiating in the Julia Tuttle basin of Biscayne Bay. Benthic habitat monitoring sites across the JFK, Julia Tuttle, Venetian, and Rickenbacker basins consist of 35 sites, however site selection and methodology has changed throughout the project's tenure. Tissue sampling of primary seagrass and green algae species & benthic habitat monitoring data are collected semiannually. Sediment collections were conducted in May and July 2019 for all historic sites. While surveying, water quality measurements are taken via a YSI EXO2 datasonde and secchi disk. This program is paired with the North Biscayne Bay Water Quality Program (5026).
Tissue sampling: SAV species presence, SAV isotopic analysis (%N, %C, %P, d13C, d15N, d34S, C:N, C:P, N:P), SAV sample biomass (g) & epiphyte biomass (g). Benthic monitoring: Braun-Blanquet (cover-abundance scale), percent cover (%), shoot count (#), canopy height (cm), sediment depth (cm). Sediment grain: particle size (mm) as a % volume <2mm, particle size (mm) as a % volume >2mm, organic sediment (% dry weight). Site parameters: depth (ft), current (none, light, mod, strong), visibility (ft), substrate type, sediment depth (cm). Water quality: secchi depth (cm), Chlorophyll (ug/l), Conductivity (µS/cm), Depth (m), nLF Conductivity (µS/cm), ODO (% saturation & % local & mg/L), Pressure (psi a), Salinity (psu), Special Conductivity (µS/cm), TDS (mg/L) Turbidity (FNU), Total Suspended Solids (mg/L), pH (# & mV), Temperature (°C), Vertical Position (m).
Secondary analyses and remediation projects for the basin could better achieve result specific data, especially related to the iron addition project and sedimentary sulfide assessment. Locations are primarily within the Julia Tuttle basin, but also including the JFK and Venetian basins, all within North Biscayne Bay.
Data are used to implement management decisions and work with partners to decrease input of nutrient sources with future restoration implications.
Data are yet to be disseminated, but future plans include presentations and a report.
2 quads are randomly placed in each cardinal direction for a total of 8 replicate quads per site. Braun-Blanquet methodology is used to collect data in each quad.
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Griffin N Alexander

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Ellyn Willse

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Leah Leyland

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Charles Groppe

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Sarah Leinbach

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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation : Percent Cover (by species) 06/22/22 04:45 PM Download File - SAV - 5027.txt
Coral/Coral Reef : Grazers and Reef Dependent Species, Percent Cover Download File - Coral - 5027.txt
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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - Percent Cover (by species)
Coral/Coral Reef - Percent Cover
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - Additional Indicators

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