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The water quality monitoring network at the district was initially designed and implemented in the early 1980s and has since been improved and expanded. The current network is comprised of more than 400 surface water sampling stations, more than 450 groundwater stations throughout the district’s 18-county service area and more than 20 continuous water quality stations in freshwater, springs and estuaries, collecting real-time water quality data to support district projects.
dissolved oxygen (mg/L), dissolved oxygen saturation (%), pH, salinity (ppt), specific conductance (µS/cm), turbidity (NTU-6600, FNU-EXO), water temperature (°C), fluorescent dissolved organic matter (ppb QSU), chlorophyll (RFU) data available upon request
Monthly grab sampling available in STORET/WIN program 5002.
Protecting and restoring water quality is a core mission of the St. Johns River Water Management District. A key component of this work is water quality monitoring and reporting. Monitoring provides a wealth of information that enables the district to make resource decisions based on accurate and timely information. In addition, residents can use the information to acquire a basic knowledge of groundwater, springs and water bodies in which they have an interest. The water quality monitoring program is staffed and managed by the Bureau of Water Resource Information.
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Historic continuous Water Quality Stations in Managed Areas: IRLB04, NCB19020038, CM17Street, NCBARD16, CMMerritt, NCBNRCM, CMVero. Active stations (as of 9/2020): IRLB04, CMVero.
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St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). (2024). St. Johns River Water Management District Continuous Water Quality Programs. Updated 04/23/2024. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection Managed Areas

Banana River, Nassau River-St. Johns River Marshes


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