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Continuous water quality data are collected at three water quality stations (Station ID's: MP1A, MP2B, MP3C) located within the Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve and one station in Gasparilla Sound-Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve (Station ID: CHWW1) in 15-minute intervals for eight parameters using protocols established by the National Estuarine Research Reserve's System-Wide Monitoring Program. AP continuous WQ protocols and metadata:
water temperature (°C), specific conductivity (mS/cm), salinity (psu), dissolved oxygen percent (%), dissolved oxygen (mg/L), depth (m), pH and turbidity (NTU-6600, FNU-EXO)
To measure changes in estuarine waters that help provide a better understanding of how human activities and natural events can affect coastal resources and to provide valuable data on the short-term variability and long-term changes in estuaries to researchers, natural resource managers and other coastal decision-makers.
presentations, meetings, reports, and online
15-minute data collections at fixed stations using YSI 6600 data sondes with a transition to EXO2's and EXO3's beginning in 2018
Sampling began at MP3C in March 2009
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Aquatic Preserve Data Portal -
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.csv (yearly files)
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SEACAR Citation
Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP); Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection (RCP); Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves. (2022). Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Program. Updated 08/22/2023. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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Cape Haze, Matlacha Pass


Water Column - Water Quality
Water Column - Water Clarity

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