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Seagrass ecology, Bi-annual monitoring in February and August, Fixed transects with repeat sampling stations, Beginning and end of bed vary each year, Water quality
Seagrass species composition, species abundance (Braun Blanquet), total seagrass abundance (Braun Blanquet), blade lengths (cm), shoot counts, epiphyte loading, sediment type, water depth (cm), dissolved oxygen (mg/L), transparency (secchi depth), salinity (PSU), water temperature (C)
Estero Bay transects are labelled with the "SITE" = EB#: EB01, EB02, EB03, EB04, EB05. Site locations are included in CHAP_SampleStations_MidPoint_MA.xlsx. Transect mid-points are used to represent the location of each transect. Data is provided by Charlotte Harbor Seagrass Monitoring (program 570) for both program 570 (CHEP) and 5721 (Estero Bay).
To collect baseline conditions within Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve for post impact comparisons and to help address management issues of the resource.
SAV evaluated for total cover using the Braun-Blanquet method (0.1: solitary, 0.5: few, 1: < 5%, 2: 5–25%, 3: 26–50%, 4: 51–75%, 5: 76–100%) and by species with regularly-spaced 1 m × 1 m quadrats along transects (n=5) from shore to deep edge of the SAV. Blade lengths (cm), shoot counts, epiphyte cover category, sediment type and water depth (cm) are also recorded for each quadrat. Salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, secchi depth and PAR also measured at the mid- and deepest end points along each transect.
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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
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Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP); Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection (RCP); Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve. (2022). Estero Bay Seagrass Monitoring. Updated 05/18/2023. Distributed by: SEACAR Data Discovery Interface, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
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